iGEM Aachen

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We are a small group of highly motivated students from the field of bioscience and other fields of science and technology.
There´s a lot of work to do and we are excited to get started with iGEM 2015.

To establish iGEM in Aachen we are keeping up to the success of the iGEM Aachen team 2014. We try to improve our academic and industrial collaborations to expand our opportunities in the iGEM competition. Contact us to find out how to support us!

iGEM Aachen 2015 teamphoto


Gold Medal
Best Supporting Software (Overgrad)
Safety Commendation
Best Measurement Project


A novel biosenor system called Cellock Holmes, detecting bacteria on solid surfaces using a low-cost, rapid an portable technique has been developed. Read more about the whole project by visiting our Wiki.

iGEM Aachen in Boston 2014

What's iGEM?

iGEM is known as the inofficial world championship of synthetic biology for students.

Students of different subjects work together on a self-composed project.

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